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General Overview

I started making glass panels after I graduated from college, and told myself that I would just do it for a while, until I got bored. Well, that was in 1972, and I am still going strong. Every job is a challenge, and a labor of love. Custom designs and restorations are my specialities.

These panels are all fabricated in the standard leaded or copper foil methods. Some are etched. The subject matters are all different, but they are designed and built in the traditional disciplines. They are not all the same size, but have been formatted to fit into the slide shows. Some are quite large, some are small.

Also, I occasionally I work with etchings, and an occasional oddity, such as Mercury Glass. As you notice, some of the panels have painted areas. You can learn about them if you click "Vitreous Paintings" on the menu to the left. They are also performed in the traditional way, painted and fired in a kiln using techniques hundreds of years old. I learned the process by doing restorations on antique panels. Some of these photos may appear a bit fuzzy, mostly because they were taken before Digital.


joann mannino

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