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Private Residence, restored panel, replaced various floral tiles, one bird, and designed the figure on the left. @ 5.5'w, leaded

Chateau Hathorne, Warwick, NY, restored antique windows, new windows to match, etched entrance door

Yesterday's Restaurant, Warwick, NY, etched facade windows in 1904 style, several interior panels on dividing wall

Mount Alverno Center, Warwick, NY, Chapel windows, duplication of etched Patron Saint, and etched transom window

St. Edward's Episcopal, New Windsor, NY, repaired authentic Tiffany Window, View of Calvary

Church of the Holy Innocents, Highland Falls, NY, restored damaged vestibule windows and jeweled window at side entrance

Coldenham Presbyterian, Coldenham, NY, restoration of bowed windows in chapel

Amity Presbyterian, Amity, NY, new transom window to match other windows

Unitarian Universalist Church, Middletown, I am the "caretaker " of unsigned Tiffany windows, occasional repair as needed

(under construction)


joann mannino

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